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More than ever, the Broadcast/Media industry is calling for innovative solutions for the transport of increasing bandwidth over a minimum number of fiber optic cables.

For truly clear image quality and advanced editing/post production feasibility, digital production, filming and transmission, optical transmission is the ideal choice.

Fiber optic communication is also key in developing a reliable Intelligent Transport System (ITS) by building a network around existing metropolitan signal interconnections to monitor and control traffic/transportation.

Advanced technology continues to enable the medical industry to go further than ever imagined. Today, fiber optics serve as an important complementary element to technological advancement for the medical industry.

Whether the image comes from a radiological, cat-scan, magnetic or a simple camera device, and whether the distance is 10 or 10,000 meters, fiber optics are the best means for either analog or digital transport to assure that all components of the image remain in tact and are not compromised by surrounding radiation, electromagnetic fields/disturbances, noise or general interference.

We can offer a broad range of Opticomm products to serve the CCTV/ security/surveillance industry. Sites ordinarily consist of NTSC/PAL/SECAM video cameras with mechanical data Pin/Tilt/Zoom surveillance activity for real-time transmission between the camera site and the communication controller hub. Opticomm's products can also accommodate higher end video needs from RGB to digital SDI/HDTV/DVB for more advanced security/surveillance systems.

Where the quality of the video and other transmitted elements must be assured, secured and unaffected by noise and other interfering factors, there is no alternative to fiber optics.

With the widespread transmission of multi-channel CATV (whether to the home or industry), fiber optics have become the premier choice of signal transport, allowing higher bandwidth transmission and ensuring a much lower degradation in signal and quality.

All links are connected via fiber optic multimode or singlemode cable and, in many cases, complement a satellite based transmission system for secured transmission from satellite-to-control-to-home/industry.

Digital V/A/D Transmission Platform
The new OptivaT Series of digital fiber optic transmission systems are designed entirely by you. They are built to accommodate your precise video, audio and data transport needs. Almost any configuration is available, all over one fiber. With a short visit to the Product Configurator, you can select the exact video, audio and data signals you wish to transport, the optics and connectors you need and the most suitable housing unit. Simply sit back and watch your system materialize right before your eyes!

System Design
OptivaT systems utilize daisy-chain multiplexing to optimize bandwidth allocation. Optical multiplexing can be integrated to enable increased channel requirements. All cards are hot-swappable and can be housed in a 19" rack solution (3RU or 1RU) or as stand alone units using a number of different ruggedized Desk Top Card Racks (DTCRs).

Selectable video/audio/data configuration Multi-mode or single-mode operation over one fiber Daisy-chain capability Digital transmission Uncompromised transmission quality SNMP network management Point-to-point, add/drop and ring topologies No EMI or RFI and no ground loops Stand Alone or Rack Mount, hot swappable

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