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Partner of PiBiEsse for the mono or bi-directionaland satellite connectivity is Skylogic, an Eutelsat Company: the service comes therefore distributed across the Uplink Station based in Turin, Italy.

Eutelsat's satellites provide coverage of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and a major part oh the Asian and American continents, from no fewer than 17 position on the geostationary satellite orbit, with a fleet of 23 satellites, 18 of which are fully owned, as summarized in the following picture:

Partner of PiBiEsse for fiber optic terrestrial connectivity is COLT TELECOMM
PiBIEsse's CDP (Content Delivery Platform) is located in the Colt Data Center of Milano; it can be reached in first petition across the Colt Europeans backbones as follows:

Fiber Optic Link
the service is deployed on the Colt network using the SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) technology. The same SDH technology is used to supply dedicated links from Customer's sites to PiBiEsse's CDP. The IP functionality is ensured by Colt routers installed on Customer's side joined to SDH equipments.In case of broken links the service will be automatically switched on a secondary circuit.

wDSL access through other Telecom Operators (National):
This service provides access through other Telecom Operators' xDSL links. The link between COLT and other operators is a phisical interconnection of the respective networks.

Please note that this is NOT a DSL access to Internet.

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