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PiBiEsse's Content Delivery Platform is able to deliver IP data to remote sites either trhrough Satellite or Terrestrial connectivity.

Transmissions are implemented using a particular Forward Error Correction algorithm which eliminates the need for return links by reconstructing damaged files at the receiver, even after extended rain outages. No retransmissions necessary.

The Platform is equally reliable in two-way environments: if a return link (Back Channel) is available, and a file arrives at one or more receive sites too damaged to be reconstructed, the platform is able to optimize retransmission of the missing data, sending to remote sites only those packets needed for file reconstruction.

Hot Folders. Directories can be configured to wait for files to be dropped in them, and immediately transmit the files over the satellite network with given transmission parameters.

Dynamic Channels. Multiple channels of content, either files or streams or a combination of both, can be multicast. The client can filter and tune among them. Channels can be permanent or temporary, set up and taken down on the fly.

Multiplexing. Send multiple files concurrently; high priority files are sent first.

Transmission Queue Management. Multiple scheduling and queuing algorithm options allow added control over transmission priority.

Selective Transmission. Send files only to selected receive sites, if desired. Define groups of receive sites, or groups of groups, allow publishers to define their own groups, or tap into an existing user database using ODBC.

Selective Reception. Remote users can choose which categories of files to receive using filters, or select files from a carousel. Carousels and category lists can be broadcast to all receive sites and updated.

Mirroring. Easily mirror FTP sites, web sites, or data banks.

Encryption. The Platform can perform real-time encryption of IP data travelling over both one-way and two-way terrestrial, satellite, and ethernet networks. Matching software decryption clients provide small-footprint and transparent decryption of incoming data, without the need to modify or proxy any 3rd party receiver applications

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